You count them as you go through the years.

six …seven …eight.

Most of us don’t want too many, but some of us don’t too few.

The sex list.

We all know the general consensus: women with high numbers are sluts and men with high numbers are pimps.

My buddy Pete and I were talking a few weeks ago, and he says he doesn’t want his number to get too high.

“It’s getting up there and it’s … well, it kind of bothers me,” he said.

Excuse me? Nearly every woman I know hopes to keep her number in an “acceptable” range, but guys?

Then again, in college I found out a male friend of mine had slept with more than 60 women. That was at age 24. It changed my view of him from then on.

I don’t keep a specific list tucked away in a drawer with the porn stash and toys. But I have them in my head. And yes, I can remember all their names.

When in a relationship, I don’t want to know his number; I’m not going to share mine. So if Pete was my boyfriend, it wouldn’t matter. Do you share this information with your partners?

Maybe it’s something my husband and I could share 50 years after we’ve been married –  at that point, who really cares? But what if he’d slept with 60 people, like my college friend? Would my view of him change for the worse – would it affect our relationship?

I find most women want to keep the number between a few and 15 or 20. What is the “acceptable” range? Do you keep a list somewhere?