Bawdiness can be fun.

We women keep our sexuality under wraps most of the time. When hanging out with girlfriends, we might dispense some details in the name of bonding and curiosity.

When with a group of guys we might divulge for different reasons. Sometimes it can be fun to open up and admit, yes, we women like sex and seek it as much as men do. Doing so often gives you the “cool chick” label and puts you in the spotlight.

But in some cases, it’s like a flasher throwing open his trenchcoat – shocking, exciting and probably, a bit more than you wanted.

In a moment of Monday spontaneity, I agreed to meet a former coworker at Solas.

Those of you looking to find men might try Solas on a weeknight. Casual, no cover and a fair number of moderate- to hot-looking guys. Very few women, which means the competition pool is small. I definitely got several looks as I walked across the rooftop bar.

Too bad I spent most of the evening in the corner with two the least classy women I’ve ever met.
Note: Both of these women have had their driver’s licenses yanked for DUIs.

One related the story of her Sunday night sex. She was so drunk she even didn’t remember it. The reason she knows she got laid? She lives with her mom, who clearly remembered coming in to find her daughter screwing a black guy on the couch in her living room.

Mom had to tell daughter about it the next day: By the way, do you recall having sex on the couch last night?

Um, wow.

Classy Lady No. 2 discussed her last rendezvous, also with a black man. She told him her grandparents don’t like black people. They messed around and then he left. She asked if he wanted her number, and he said, “I’ll get it from your friend.” (That means ‘no.’) She tells us, “I’m glad I said that about black guys, then, since he didn’t even want my number.”

Maybe he didn’t want it because of what you said. Or the fact that you slept with some random stranger off the bat and all he wanted was a piece?

I find it ironic that we’re hanging out at Solas, which aims to be an upscale bar.

It’s easy to make fun of all the jerk men out there, but really? How about a little class, ladies?