Happy Birthday, dear blog. Today you are three months old. birthday_cake

That was when I decided to write a blog about my dating life in Raleigh. I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, but I love to write and I love to try new things. Besides, it could be therapeutic after getting my ass dumped twice within a few months.

I didn’t think anyone would even read it. I seem to be wrong. I was right about the therapy. The quirky dating and mating process is full of strange tales and odd men. The trick is to laugh about it and to know that somewhere out there, your other person is waiting.

So thank you to those of you who are sharing the joys and sorrows of dating in the Triangle with me. Tell all your friends. Ideas and feedback are welcome: singlesuzanne@gmail.com or talk to me on twitter – @singlesuzanne.

An excerpt from my first post:

I got my groove back the other week, that old Susie W. feeling I remember from college – fierce independence and a love of freedom. It’s good to remember that feeling.

So I will blog. I think there’s too much verbal diarrhea on the Internet, most of it completely useless. I can’t promise this won’t be. But if you somehow find your way to this page, I hope you will converse with me about single life in Raleigh, for men, for women, as we work on our careers and as we continue to figure out what we want in life.

Heck, maybe one of us will learn something along the way.