Saturday night I was out at Alibi  and within a span of 15 minutes, two different guys approached me to say hello.

One surprised me. Usually you can see ‘em coming. Roger, roger, this is Flight 567 on approach to runway Suzanne. We are coming in fast from the side angle. Are we cleared for landing?

As I returned from the restroom, he walked up to me and abruptly shoved a piece of colored paper in front my face. It was twisted into a flower shape. “Here,” he said. “I made this for you.” Alibi

“Really,” I said, smiling. “Why?”

“So that I could come over and talk to you. I was too scared to do it otherwise.”

“I don’t believe you,” I told him.

We exchanged names and I said, “Congratulations, you’ve managed to talk to me.”

He laughed and agreed and then said he hoped to talk to me again later. Odd. Why not stay and chat? I returned to my two friends. My best friend said it sounded like a line.

“He probably has a bunch of those papers in his pocket,” she said.

It’s a curious reaction we women have to men approaching us at bars. On one hand, you’re out to meet people, right? But when guys approach me and start chatting with me, I find that most of the time, I’m annoyed.
Strange, no? I cannot recall a time in which I have ever approached a guy in a bar to talk to him. According to Greg Behrendt, I should do that anyway – gotta allow the guy to chase me. Fine with me.

The second guy chatted me up as I waited to close my tab. I was trying to leave, so I wasn’t thrilled to see him approach. Especially when he said, “So do you come here often?”

I laughed. “Did you really just ask me that?”

He seemed confused. I explained that it’s a cheesy pickup line and that he shouldn’t ever use it. “Really?” he said, with an Indian accent. “I didn’t know that.”

I realized that he probably didn’t know, so I asked him a few questions to show that I wasn’t a meanie for laughing at him. He left soon after. He was cute, but I wasn’t sorry to see him depart.

Have you ever approached a guy in a bar? Do you give out your phone number to guys after talking with them at bars?