by RoninVision/Flickr

by RoninVision/Flickr

I was brunching recently with some ladies from my girls’ meetup group, sharing tales from my recent dates, when one of them asked how I’ve gotten so many dates lately.

So here are a few suggestions. I make no guarantees that any of these will lead you to the man of your dreams, but the main thing tying all of these together is the social factor. All of these offer a way to be out there. You won’t meet anyone cute sitting on your couch at home every night — unless you’re into 16-year-old pizza delivery boys.

  • Speed Dating – As I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s a good way to score a few dates and meet some people. Even if you don’t end up dating one of them, at least you’re out trying something new, meeting new people. The guys I met were all nice. I could be friends with a couple of them. And maybe they have cute friends …  (See original post here.)
  • MeetupMeetup has groups for everything. If you are a lesbian with a dog looking for like-minded peeps, you’re in luck. It’s very active in the Triangle, probably because so many people move here for work and need to meet others. Aside from hobby clubs or groups for just gals or guys, there are groups for singles, divided by age. I have yet to attend one of their meetups, because they typically conflict with my schedule. FYI: Do not attend one of the single meetups expecting to score a date or asking for every guy’s number. Check out the rules of the group before you go.
  • TwitterTwitter has an active group in Raleigh and the Triangle. I met my last boyfriend on Twitter. (Send a flirty, but not-too-flirty DM. Not too much just in case he’s not single.) There’s even a couple in Colorado who are considered the first marriage through Twitter. The tweeps here often hold “tweetups,” which are meetups for people on Twitter, which allows you to scope them out in real life.
  • TriSportsTriSports is an active Raleigh-based club in the Triangle that organizes sports leagues. Softball, kickball, broomball and dodgeball are just some of the sports offered. In addition, the group organizes outings. They just had a pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day. I think last summer they went lazy tubing on a river. After each game they offer a place for the teams to hang out and socialize so you can make new friends (or boyfriends).
  • Friends – This one is the most important. The man I dated for one year three weeks after moving here I met through mutual friends. Try to have more than one group of friends because one of my recent dates was through a group I never see. This was the guy who asked me out on Facebook. I went to a friend’s birthday party and I didn’t know anyone. But I ended up talking to him for awhile and we later went out on a date.

If you’re not into the bar scene, find a hobby you love and find others who love it. So there you go. It sounds cheesy, but in the end, if you’re happy and loving life as a single person, people will be attracted to you and find you – but not if you’re sitting on your couch.