As mentioned Friday, I’ve had a “few” dates lately. So here we go, entries on each one, in the order they occurred.

Instead of the droning noise of engines failing as the plane goes down, I heard the click of a seatbelt snapping into place.

I went on a date Wednesday with the final speed date guy, Craig, despite some reservations. Ok, more than reservations. I predicted it would go down in flames like Snoopy after a long fight with the Red Baron. 090322_seatbelt

I was wrong. (See? Women can admit these things.)

We intended to meet at Brooklyn Heights, a bar on Glenwood converted from a house and an excellent hole-in-the-wall quiet place to chat with a drink on weeknights. For some reason, it was closed, so we ended up walking over to the nearby Red Room. It’s not my favorite, but it didn’t matter.

We grabbed a small bar table and started talking. It was one of those breathless table-tennis conversations, tidbits pinging back and forth quickly as we each agreed with the other.  We drink the same drinks, like many of the same things. We talked about books, our respective trips to Europe, our former lives waiting tables at Outback Steakhouse.

After two drinks the waitress asked if we wanted any more and we finally looked at our watches. Two hours had passed. It felt like two minutes.

As far as looks go, not bad. I rarely find someone REALLY physically attractive right off the bat. Personality counts big with me. When I do find men super hot, they’re usually tools and thus unattractive.

Remember that whole “mm-hmmm” thing? Well, he does say it in person, but it’s not as bad when it’s not right in your ear. I can’t guarantee it won’t grate on my nerves after a few weeks, but since this is No. 3 of three speed date follow-ups and he’s the only one that I want to see again, I’ll hold off on the nitpicking.

INTERESTING: When the check came, he said, “I’ll get it. I had a really good time.”

So I asked, “If it wasn’t a good time, would you have paid?” He said he would’ve asked for separate checks.

We’d discussed some of the odd points of dating only a few minutes prior, so it didn’t bother me, but I found it intriguing. Maybe a future tell tale for how the date went in the guy’s mind?

Back to Craig. He didn’t call again until Sunday evening.  So far, he hasn’t been very good about the phone call thing. He’s out of town until Friday so until we meet again …