Remember that whole plan I had to just sit back and chill out?090319_rain

Pfffftt. Gone. It disappeared faster than cupcakes in a room full of bulimics.

Instead, I have my hands full with three different boys – and three different dates in one week.

Maybe I’m not as tired of sampling as I thought …

How did this happen? For those of you who have not followed me since the beginning, you may not realize that I’m the girl who never dates. I’m the ugly duckling. So to have these three dates on top of four I’ve already had in the past several weeks, well, it’s … different.

Yes, it’s flattering. But confusing. (And yes, satisfying – in your FACE ex-bf!)
So here’s the scoop on the three guys:

1. The Dark Haired Boy with Dimples did indeed call. (See Smart As a Dog)
2. My date with bachelor No. 3, Craig, from speed dating, finally occurred.
3. A guy I’ve known for awhile called out of the blue and asked me out on a date.

Each of these presents his own pros and cons, and I promise to lay each story out for you in my next entries.

But first, I query, what are the rules for dating more than one person at a time? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, as long as they know I’m seeing other people, but I suppose, at some point, I’ll have to make a choice – even if I choose none of them.