My date drove up in a small, brown pick-up truck. I shook my head. Nope, wasn’t going to work.

I’m not even sure why, but his tiny truck was a turnoff for me. Of course, if I found him simply scintillating, I’m sure I would’ve gotten over it, but he was just about as impressive as his vehicle.

The reason I bring this up is that a guy friend of mine asked me the other day if women care at all about the car a guy drives. I told him I don’t. Then I remembered that date.

So I amended my statement. I don’t normally care about the kind of car a guy drives.  But if he’s driving a Lamborghini, a BMW or a monster truck with those obnoxious, enormous tires, then I have to wonder if he’s my kind of guy. A car does say something about you, because you choose that vehicle for some reason. Unless it’s a hand-me-down, but by the late-20s, early-30s stage of the game, I would hope you’ve got your own car.

Here are my top 5 cars to avoid:

  • Monster truck with enormous tires – This is so obvious. He’s got insecurity issues. No thanks.
  • A car that costs more than $50,000 – Sure we all say we want to marry that rich guy. And maybe I do, but so far, the ones I’ve met are elitist and not looking for a girl with my annual income
  • A minivan – Um, duh.
  • A Hummer – See the first two.
  • A car with so much rust you can see through it.

What about you? Do you care about the kind of car a guy drives? Do you look for a certain type of vehicle or shy away from certain types?