The phone rang. I didn’t even have to look at the caller ID — I knew it was Craig.

Know how I acquired such amazing gifts of prowess? It was Tuesday night. He went out of town over the weekend and was supposed to return Monday. He said he would call when he got back. He worked Tuesday, so …

Ding ding ding! Harvey, tell this bright young lady what she’s won!

He played by the rules. And you know what? I didn’t want to answer the phone. Here is a guy who actually calls when he says he will and I don’t want to answer. But I did — even if it was on the fourth ring.

We spoke for less than five minutes and even then he managed an “mm-hmm” that crawled under my skin like a wee bug and itched. I was in the middle of something (no, really) so we agreed to speak again later in the week to set up a date. (Side note: he seemed eager to just call back in a couple of days. Strange, no, like a cop out?)

In other phone call news, I talked to bachelor No. 2 on the phone Monday night. While he exhibited no annoying oral idiosyncrasies (hmm…so many jokes to be had with that one), this guy, “Jim,” is nothing to write home about.

I’ll write about it anyway – ba dum pish! (Thanks, folks, I’ll be here all week.)
We talked about a few things, the weather (ha), our hometowns, Raleigh, our jobs. We share similar attitudes about some general life truths. But after 40 minutes of it, I was left with … not much. It’s like he’s a blank. I even wrote that word down while I was talking to him: “blank.” He works at RTP. He works out daily … and that’s about it.

He doesn’t seem to have many hobbies or groups of friends or planned activities. He’s just sort of – there.

I know that sounds judgmental. But when dating, we all make these judgments based on what we’re looking for. I know that while living in my previous town, I probably came off as blank to many people. Because there, I was just living, getting by, a ghost of a person.

Here, I’m alive. I explore the Triangle, I go out with friends a lot and much more. Maybe he does all those things and I just don’t know about it yet. So I will find out.

My other notes from the call:

“black hair” – I remembered what he looks like.
“teeth” – I remembered that his teeth were very straight and white (good) but somewhat prominent
“House” – he watches that TV show, and I’m also a fan
“young feeling” – These last two just go to show that I don’t think he and I are on the same level. He’s my age, but something just seemed younger, as if he hasn’t had too many life experiences.

I’m not an ageist. I’ve dated older – Frank, the ex from last year, was much older, but felt about my age. I’ve dated younger, though that tends not to work out.

What it really comes down to is where you’re at in life. The partner I want is on the same page I am.

That’s page 2,467, in case you’re wondering.