So you want cynical? I picked up the phone Thursday night to call Bachelor No. 1 from speed dating. Let’s call him Craig, just for kicks. telephone_cell_111086_tns

I wasn’t even nervous about it, which is probably a bad sign. Don’t you want to be excited about these things?

You only get five minutes with each “date” for speed dating. So here’s what I knew about him prior to the call:

  • moved to the Triangle in November from Ohio
  • reads books
  • works as an engineer

Here’s what I got from the phone call:

  • lives in Cary
  • visits his family in Ohio fairly often – about every six weeks
  • says “mmm-hmmm” a lot in a strange tone of voice, especially right before it’s his turn to speak
  • loves talking about the weather
  • takes a kickboxing class
  • wants to take me out on a date next week

Cynicism aside, it wasn’t a bad conversation. I enjoyed it at first. We chatted about our jobs. He got bonus points for inquiring with some detail about what I do and why.

But the weather? Really? For 10 minutes? Rain, snow? It’s like my 80-year-old grandmother, who lives in Ohio and watches the Weather Channel 24-7. She will sometimes call to let me know a storm is heading my way. Adorable when she does it; not so cool on a “first phone call” situation.

Maybe it’s the whole speed dating thing. You sign up, it churns our results.  Suddenly the dating adventure turns into a business venture. Where’s the excitement of meeting someone new? Where are the butterflies?

He said he’d call me next week to set up our date. Assuming he does call – and hey, I’m hot so of course he will – then I’ll go check it out.

Because I’m not a cynic just yet. I promise.