Hanging out with guys, flirting with a friend — which turned out to be awkwardly received — a pure romance party and giving a guy my phone number.

You could say it’s been a busy weekend.

First, the guy. His name is Cody (alias as usual). We met as Ess Lounge, which isn’t my favorite hangout, but I was there for a friend’s birthday. I knew no one except my friend, who was drunk and dancing.

I was neither, so I chatted with Cody for awhile. He’s cute, smart and I enjoyed talking to him. It’s interesting how quickly we judge men. Do you have a list you run through your head during the conversation? Single? Check. Decent job? Check. Literate? Check. Some sort of non-creepy hobby/motivation? Check. Not a member of a swingers club or a religious cult? Check.

So when he asked for my number, I figured, “What the hell?”

I’m not sure I care if he calls though. Right now I’m all about dating for fun, but it when it comes to finding a new boyfriend, I refuse to settle for anything less than amazing. He didn’t blow my socks off. But my attitude is, “you never know.” I’ll keep you posted.

Besides, it’s nice to be asked for your number, especially the same night you get shut down by someone else.

The drunken friend and I have a tiny bit of casual history. Since he’s been flirtatious the last two times I’ve seen him, I sent him a dirty text message for fun. Let’s call it a birthday gift.

For him, this gift was the ugly sweater from grandma. Gee, you shouldn’t have. Apparently, he was working his game elsewhere and didn’t want me ruining it. BAM – I got shut down. Yowza! Let this be a lesson on the dangers of casual whatevers with your friends. :o)

The other weekend fun was my first Pure Romance party. It won’t be my last. I went as part of a meetup group event. If you’re ever looking for something to do or some new friends, I recommend checking out meetup.com. The Raleigh-Durham area has dozens of groups.

For those wondering, it’s not awkward to attend an event where sex is the main topic of conversation. Christine Harris was our consultant and did a great job, taking us through the products. The hostess of the party gets a slice of the sales in free goods, so you can score big (he, he) if you want to host one.

Christine lives in Graham, N.C. but she doesn’t mind driving to the Raleigh area. But if you’re looking for a Raleigh Romance consultant, try Pam Loveland.

My best friend says she and her boyfriend just stayed in all weekend and that she must now live vicariously through me. Quite the amusing role reversal. Why it is she and I are never single at the same time? She enjoyed hearing about my weekend adventures. And it’s been one of my best single weekends so far.

What was your best night/weekend as a single person in Raleigh?