Let’s face it, ladies. We can’t always be thinking about men. (At least, I can’t. It’s too much effort.) Lately I’ve been thinking about my career. Given the current economy, I should be blogging about THAT, but it’s much less fun.

So I dragged myself to a tech conference Saturday just to get my brain buzzing again. I’ve been hitting the snooze button on career and me-focused foresight for the past year. Time to wake up.

Aside from any networking or learning I accomplished, I discovered a new location to meet men. The male-to-female ratio at this event was ridiculous; something like 120 people attended and out of those, less than 15 were female.|

Pretty decent odds. Of course, many of those men were immediately disqualified based on age, wedding bands, etc. But as long as you can handle an environment when everyone has a Mac and an iPhone and speaks about computer languages, you’re all set. There were certainly a few who glanced my way several times — even cute ones! Now, I just have to summon some courage and start chatting up random strangers.

This the first of many “location” entries I hope to write. In your experience, what are some great places to meet people?

Location: Tech Conference
Rating: 3 stars out of 4