My heart began to pound and my face began to flush. Last night, as I sat working and gchatting with a friend, another gchat window popped up on my screen. Drum roll, please … insert ominous music.

It was my ex – what could he possibly want? I hadn’t a clue.

It didn’t take long. He flooded me with angry messages: why was I trying to erase him from my life?

Color me confused. He dumped me, so I’d ditched him as a Facebook friend and I no longer follow him on Twitter. I’d also assumed any plans we’d scheduled before the breakup were null and void. This seems perfectly rational to me. Why do I want to keep up with his activities? I don’t want to know about it when he goes on a date or is having a ton of fun, thanks.

Maybe this is shallow. I can see a case for remaining friends with your ex after a breakup. Obviously you had some reasons for dating in the first place, things in common. I think it could be managed if the end is amicable and both parties agree.

But in my relationships, one of the two people is hurt. If it’s me, immediate friendship is just not possible.

Besides, what happens when one of the two begins dating again? Answer: the little green-eyed monster emerges and ruins the whole thing.

How about you? Are you friends with any of your ex-boyfriends? Why or why not? Has it worked?